Wendy Richardson for State Rep

Faith Family Freedom

My Priorities

Agriculture- Health & Wellness

To say that I am interested in Agriculture would be an understatement, it is literally our livelihood. Emphasis on health and wellness can happen through supporting your local farmers! Educating yourself on where your food comes from, how it’s grown and the effects it can have on your health are more important then ever in this day and age.

Thriving Community

Supporting local businesses is a high priority. As part of a small business, I understand the importance of success for our local businesses. It is imperative that our businesses have a voice and plan to not just survive, but thrive. A thriving community can only contribute to a thriving nation.

The Foundation for OUR Future

Advocating for children is of the utmost importance. Children are the foundation for OUR future. I believe there is a solution for all families to have an academic opportunity to educate their child in a way that nourishes and promotes reaching their full potential. Preserving and protecting our children is vital and should always be at the forefront of any decisions involving them.

No More Taxes

New Hampshire is known for the tax incentives that have been in place for many years. In an effort to be fiscally responsible I will not participate in any tax increases or additions.

Pro Second Amendment

I am vehemently for the Second Amendment and opposed to Red Flag Laws.


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My Story

Conway New Hampshire is where my husband Jason and I decided nearly four years ago to call home. While Conway has been home to my husband and his family for a number of years, I came to love the valley and strongly believe it is a great place to raise a family. Jason and I share four children and live and work on a small family farm, Grand View Farm.

Of all the titles I carry, the first to come to my mind are: Mother, Teacher, Wife, Farmer and Friend. I take all these titles very seriously and am steadfast in aligning them to the core values of: FAITH FAMILY FREEDOM. I believe that these roles, along with others that I am passionate about, will enable me to be an active advocate and voice that the valley can utilize.

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